Australian log exports to China surged in March, exceeding 90,000 m³, a 32% increase from February, reaching the highest level since trade resumed post-bark beetle concerns.

China Customs data shows a significant growth in Chinese port stocks, with over 66,000 m³ of sawlog and 25,600 m³ of pulp, surpassing pre-2024 numbers.

Despite the positive trend, current export levels represent a notable decline from the pre-COVID peak, particularly in May 2019, when China imported 500,000 m³ of softwood, comprising 99% of total exports.

Woodchip exports from Australia are also rising, with China Customs reporting over 228,000 m³ exported through China in March, up 3.8% from the previous month.

Chinese total log imports for March reached nearly 2.4 million m³, with New Zealand being the largest contributor, followed by Japan, Poland, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

  • Posted on 2024/04/30
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