Woodscanner.com is the first-ever digital marketplace designed to help you order the timber you need quickly and cost-effectively – View Video

It gives you instant access to timber suppliers from around the UK, allowing you to compare their stock and prices, like for like, in real-time. This means, with just a few clicks, you’ll get immediate answers to help you and your team fulfil incoming enquiries and customer orders.

You’ll then be able to place an order directly with a supplier having weighed up all the available options and deals.

Any questions? Why not take a look at our FAQs or get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

Find the timber you want
Compare specs and prices from multiple suppliers
Connect with your chosen supplier and place an order

Who we are

“After years of working in the timber industry, I knew that there was probably a quicker and simpler way for merchants to do business; one that complemented traditional networking channels and allowed merchants to stay on top of fluctuating timber stocks and prices. So I created Woodscanner.com, the industry’s first-ever digital marketplace, designed as the first step in providing an online solution for todays always connected buyers and sellers.”

Andrew Ferguson
Managing Director