In 2022, in volume, sawn wood imports into China fell annually by 8% to 26.66 million m³, and in value, it fell by 4% to $7.53 billion but the average price for imported sawn wood grew annually by 4$ to $282/m3.

The imports fell because of the impact on manufacturing of the widespread lockdowns, the supply chain disruptions brought on by the Russian-Ukraine conflict, and the global shipping disruptions.

Of the total sawn wood imports, sawn softwood imports fell by 12% to 17.33 million m³ accounting for 65% of the national total.

Sawn hardwood imports grew by 1% to 9.33 million m³ in volume but in value, it fell by 1% to $3.48 billion and the average price for imported sawn hardwoods also fell by 2% to $373/m3.

Of the total sawn hardwood imports, tropical sawn hardwood imports grew by 6% to 6.35 million m³ and in value, it grew by 2% to $1.91 billion.

  • Posted on 2023/03/10
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