In January-February 2023, the value of Finnish exports of forestry products fell annually by 11% to 1.94 billion euros.

Finland’s most significant export product was cardboard, which accounted for 27% of the value of all deliveries of forest industry products.

The export of cellulose came in 2nd place with a share of 26%, paper with a share of 20%, and then sawn timber with a share of 13%.

In February, the volume of wood imports soared to 0.36 million m³ of the imported wood, 58% were pulpwood, a quarter were chips, 2% were logs, and 14% came from fuel wood and by-products.

Wood imports to Finland amounted to 0.89 million m³, Latvia accounted for 31% of imported timber, and Estonia and Sweden imported 29% of timber.

  • Posted on 2023/05/25
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