• In May 2022, the total volume of industrial production in Russia fell by 1.7% year on year and compared to April, the indicator fell by 1.9%.
  • Annually, the output of furniture products grew by 4.1% but in general, the output of wood products decreased by 10.7%.
  • From January to May, lumber is produced at 12.2 million m³, wood fuel pellets at 931 thousand tons, plywood at 1.625 million m³, Fiberboard at 308 million m², Chipboard at 4.5 million m³, wooden windows and window frames at 183 thousand m², wooden doors and door frames at 8.4 million m², cellulose at 3.7 million tons, paper and cardboard at 4.3 million tons, corrugated packaging at 3.1 billion m², wallpaper at 64.6 million conditional pieces, and paper label products at 20.3 billion pieces were the most essential timber produced.

Posted on July 11, 2022

  • Posted on 2022/07/19