Timber Connection are the  leading supplier of commercially imported hardwoods and premium grade softwoods in the UK and Ireland. Any customer can be assured that their team have what it takes to provide them with the highest level of industry experience and principles in the field.

Focused on innovation and driven by product knowledge, Timber Connection is one of the few companies in the UK that have implemented an online marketplace to buy your packs online. Due to the complexities and specialities of buying hardwoods we’re able to link potential clients to Timber Connection online portal.

Being the sole distributor of LIGNIA’s products in the UK and Ireland, the company is investing a lot in high-performance wood products that deliver beauty, sustainability and durability.

LIGNIA is a modified timber which is manufactured by taking sustainably-sourced, FSC softwood and modifying it into one of the highest performing timbers in the market. It’s enhancement takes principally defect free Radiata Pine and converts it in to an aesthetically pleasing timber with greater durability and stability that comes with a 50-year warranty against rot and decay in above-ground applications.

As LIGNIA is small movement (similar to Western Red Cedar) it is often used by architects and builders for the following applications:

• Cladding and Decking 

• Flooring, Doors and Window Frames

• Outdoor Furniture, Saunas and Worktops

Why LIGNIA Modified Timber?

• Sustainability: LIGNIA is modified timber produced from FSC Certified plantation Radiata Pine forests.

• Stability: LIGNIA is classed as a small movement timber ideal for exterior applications.

• Hardness: LIGNIA is harder than Teak making it tough and wear resistant.

• Slip resistant: LIGNIA has a highly constant friction value that provides good traction even when wet.

• Beauty: LIGNIA looks like and feels like a hardwood.

• Availability: LIGNIA is modified right here in the UK and can be purchased ex stock.

LIGNIA also undergoes extensive testing at test facilities in the UK, France, Germany and North America, proving that the product is a real alternative to tropical hardwoods, thus making it a highly sustainable choice in construction.

 Timber Connection combines technology and nature to help preserve tropical rainforests. 

With the demand for modified timber and alternative wood products increasing world wide, we’re delighted to have Timber Connection on board on WoodScanner!

  • Posted on 2021/05/18