Focused on unique facades and interiors, Burned Wood is now a trusted WoodScanner Partner that guarantees high-quality products, coming from sustainable sources and are FSC certified.

Burned Wood is a company based in the Netherlands and for the past 6 years has known great growth in the market.

The desire for something exciting and unique and the mechanical engineering background of the founders gave birth to the first step to develop a reliable production process for burning wood. Over the years, they have increasingly refined and developed the production process of controlled surface combustion and have introduced a variety of products to their portfolio.

Their range of products include:

  • Accoya
  • Douglas
  • Douglas – brushed
  • Douglas – brushed, stained
  • Accoya Rustic
  • mod. Limba (Fraké)
  • mod. Ayous

Burned Wood is using an ancient Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban for perserving the wood and giving its unique charred look.

Back in the day, Dutch farmers and landowners would use this technique to extend the service life of fence poles by burning them before placing them in the soil. This technique was revived when the Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori incorporated it into his designs at the end of the last century.

Today, there is a lot of interest and demand for the unique burned wood and more and more people enjoy this sustainable burned wood for their exterior and interior projects.

As WoodScanner we’re very excited to have Burned Wood on board and hope we can be a great help to the growing of Burned Wood for many years to come.

  • Posted on 2021/05/10