One of our Partners, BuildDeck, provides high quality composite materials that are environmentally friendly, using only recycled, 100% FSC-certified wood and reclaimed high density plastics. At WoodScanner, we’re working closely with our Partners to ensure we are promoting their best products and services on our marketplace.

Some quick facts about their composite decking range, brought to you by BuildDeck.

What is Composite decking made from?

BuildDeck creates an engineered material made from 60% FSC® certified timber and 40% recycled high density polyethylene. Other materials include UV stabilizer, colouring, and anti-fungal and bonding agents. Combined, this creates a long lasting, low maintenance material that also retains a natural look and feel of traditional timber products, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

What colours are available for Wood Composite Decking?

Our Vintage range is primarily available in four colours:

●  Grey – a mid grey for a contemporary finish

●  Ebony – a dense black hardwood with brown accents

●  Teak – a tropical hardwood for a traditional wood finish

●  Redwood – an autumnal red as a representation of the redwood tree

How does Composite Decking compare to traditional wood?

Traditional soft and hardwood decking expands and contracts due to changes in climate and water absorption which will eventually lead to warping and splitting. As Builddeck composite decking is made up of 60% natural material, some expansion can occur however on a significantly smaller scale. Additionally, by leaving the correct expansion gaps as detailed within our full installation guide, any fluctuation can be pre-empted, avoiding possible future warping. Builddeck composite decking will not rot due to the remaining 40% made up of recycled high density plastics. This creates a very low maintenance product as opposed to traditional decking which will require regular cleaning, staining and replacement.

Our carefully designed grooved surface has a certified low-risk of slip finish, even when wet, and will not splinter or crack making it a perfect pet and barefoot friendly addition to any outdoor living space or luxury area.

Will the colour of Composite Decking change over time?

Builddeck Composite Decking products are made from 60% natural material and each board is designed to imitate traditional timber, often with naturally occurring variations in colour, texture and grain pattern. The boards are designed to weather and fade slightly to allow the colour to settle evenly over time. Slight variations may also occur when ordering from different batches, at different times.

We strongly advise providing our team with as much detail as possible as to your measurements, design and additional requirements to allow us to provide the most accurate quantity initially, and avoid any possible batch variations.’

  • Posted on 2022/06/20
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