Q1 2023 saw a decline of 20.9% in Russian lumber exports|   


In Q1 2023, lumber exports from Russia fell annually by 20.9% to 4.5 million m³, compared to the same period of last year.

Sanctions and logistics problems affected the export of boards and timber made of pine, spruce, and larch wood.

Over 74% of the total sawn timber exports went to China and Uzbekistan,

China accounted for 63.6% of Russian-sawn timber exports, an increase of 48.6% from last year, and Uzbekistan 3.5%.

Uzbekistan increased its share in Russian exports to 10.6% as the country imported 13.4% more Russian-sawn timber compared to 2022 and in total, 479.1 thousand m³ of products were delivered to this country in Q1.

Hong Kong increased imports of sawn timber from Russia by 2.6% to 116.7 thousand m³, Iran by 2.3% to 104.3 thousand m³, Tajikistan by one and a half times to 115 thousand m³, Turkey by 3.2 times up to 58.1 thousand m³, UAE by 1.7 times up to 63.4 thousand m³, and Kyrgyzstan by 1.4 times to 70.1 thousand m³.

  • Posted on 2023/05/09