📉 Market Downturn: Once the dominant player in the global softwood market, Russia’s timber industry is now grappling with significant challenges exacerbated by the Ukraine war, leading to a drastic drop in export volumes and prices.

🔍 Key Issues:

1️⃣Sanctions and Market Isolation: Western sanctions and a retreat of Western companies from Russian assets have isolated the country’s timber trade. Now, trade is limited to a select few nations, with China being a major player. Additionally, the suspension of PEFC and FSC certifications has further restricted Russia’s access to global markets.
2️⃣Domestic Production Woes: Domestic production has weakened due to a lack of foreign investment, leading to outdated plant and equipment. Corruption and inefficiencies have further hampered the industry, resulting in a nearly 20% drop in timber production for the domestic market.
3️⃣Global Market Repercussions: The impact of these challenges is evident in reduced exports to key markets. For example, Finland, once a top importer of Russian wood, has joined the boycott of Russian goods, compounding the industry’s troubles.

📊 #questionforgroup: How will these developments reshape the global timber market landscape?

📅 In light of these events, the future of Russia’s timber industry and its role in the global market remains uncertain.

🔗 For an in-depth analysis of Russia’s timber industry challenges and their implications, read our full report: https://lnkd.in/g2gh-pKM

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  • Posted on 2023/11/24
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