n December 2022, the UK Government delayed the full implementation of the UKCA marking scheme for products sold in England, Scotland, and Wales till 30 June 2025.

The businesses will have 2 years to apply the UKCA mark to their products as the latest delay now applies to all products, including structural timber, Plywood, and other wood-based panels like OSB and MDF

Until then, businesses may use either the current CE mark or the UKCA mark, if they already made the transition.

In the European Union, a CE mark is used by manufacturers to state that their products comply with, and conform to, relevant EU health, safety, and environmental protection legislation and requirements.

CE marking is obligatory for products that are under the scope of a European Commission product directive, such as the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

There are only 2 types of harmonized technical specifications to allow CE marking, which is a harmonized standard or ETA for CE marking, and UKTA for UKCA marking.

  • Posted on 2023/01/14
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