Manchester-based Timber Focus has been supplying businesses across the United Kingdom since 2018 and is a partner of one of Europe’s largest independent cladding and decking suppliers, Groupe Rose who have subsidiaries such as Protac and Puidukoda OU.

Going from strength to strength, in 2019 the company moved into the Home Improvement and Professional Builders sectors working with UK Timber and Builders Merchants to promote its full range of cladding and decking options.

Some of its most popular product ranges are the Premium Black Rebated Featheredge Boarding and Dutch Featheredge Cladding supplied with a minimum 10 year coating warranty. They also offer a standard 175mm Sawn Featheredge Boarding, DragonWOOD cladding, that has the uber trendy burnt and charred effect as well as Siberian Larch aged to provide an older look.

Challenges facing our client :

During this unprecedented years, Timber Focus faced a challenge most UK suppliers have – communicating to customers real time stock information.
Faced with increased demand, Timber Focus needed to tell their audience about limited stock availability and extended lead times, encouraging them to order stock in advance using WoodScanner’s real time stocklist interface to display available inventories.

Solution to help our client:

With the help of the WoodScanner team, Timber Focus were able to list the inventories for WoodScanner’s community of merchant buyers to view.
This was further communicated via joint marketing campaigns providing product visibility and brand authority to nearly 1000 additional prospects.

What has been great when working with Andrew Goto, is that we share the same passion and understanding of the impact that a digitalised and modernised approach provides in getting the right products to the right audience.

By working closely together, Timber Focus enjoyed
an impressive basket of orders – effortlessly delivered to their inbox by WoodScanner

Andrew Goto, Timber Focus Head of Sales in UK and Ireland states:

‘It’s been great working with Woodscanner and we feel this has been a game changer for us. We have now developed many different customers from e.g one shop merchants and manufacturers to the national builder merchant chains receiving orders and communication 24 hours a day.

We are looking at increasing our volume offerings by over 50% due to our success with Woodscanner this will be in a good selection of machined products C24, cladding and decking.’

We’d like to thank Timber Focus and Andrew Goto for his continuous support as our Partner.

At WoodScanner we value the importance of teaming up with our Partners
to deliver the best deals to your inbox.

  • Posted on 2021/08/26