The timber industry is one of the most volatile markets there is with stock and prices changing on a daily basis. 

As a timber buyer, keeping on top of these fluctuations can be extremely labour intensive: spreadsheets to update, phone calls to make, prices to cross-reference from your trusted, but limited, group of suppliers.

If you’re a timber seller, the traditional way of sharing your stock availability and special offers with clients is, similarly, no light load. 

The time is ripe, therefore, for an evolution in the industry – is it. Launched in September 2019, our digital marketplace has been taking root in the industry and reducing workloads for the buy and supply community.

Free to use, free to list – why wait? is a free platform to use as timber buyers – and it always will be. You just need to set-up an account to start comparing and connecting.

If you’re a timber seller, we will help you to get set up to list your products. After that, we will charge a small listing fee that gives you entry to the digital market. Our goal is to make it cost-neutral for sellers.  Fix up a free trial today.


  • Posted on 2024/04/11
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